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At Oakdale Bicycle Shop Inc., we are all thrill-seekers. And, as far as we're concerned, nothing beats the rush you get from riding a bicycle! If you are anything like us, after your first ride, you'll be hooked. Whether you are interested in a neighborhood roll, or preparing for a cross country adventure, the Oakdale Bicycle Shop is where you want to be.

Our Updates:

11/ 01 / 2016

All Weekly Rides are in full Swing:
Fall is in the air –- and so are our riders! Utilize one of our tune-ups to make sure you're out in the wild this season.



Group Rides: Bring helmets and lights!
Nothing's going to impress your Facebook friends more than photos of you (and two dozen of your closest friends) riding through the night! Check our Facebook page for updates on weekly rides!

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We start beginner rides every week. In just a few hours with our experts,  you can build the skills and confidence to take your first step to freedom!

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Want a little support for your favorite bike? Try one of our many service options. All of our certified specialists are capable of helping you find ways to enjoy your investment.


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Cycling can be more than just a leisure activity! Come chat with Dave Enz and hear some incredible stories from his years in the cycling community.


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